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Envive Chiropractic Reviews

quote icon in a speech bubbleWhat Our Ajax Patients Say

At Envive Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please view and read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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So Impressed!

This is my 3rd clinic I have tried. NEVER have I received such a thorough assessment. I understood what was taking place with my body, the process required to help fix it. I received a walk through of what a visit would look like. I am sold!

-Dennisia T.

I Learned So Much About My Body

I am very active and I attend kickboxing classes at least 4-5 times a week. I am currently experiencing some discomfort with my right foot. After my first visit, I learned so much about my body and where the pain is actually stemming from. I had two adjustments so far and I am now getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep. Thanks Dr Royer, Dr T and Dr Ralph!

-Justine S.

I Will Continue to Recommend Envive Chiropractic to Friends and Family!

I am extremely impressed with their excellent customer service and the different ways that customers get an in-depth explanation of what the issues are and the plan to start to relieve the pain that the patient is encountering.

Envive Chiropractic is a great place.

-Bob W.

Thorough, Thoughtful, Caring

Thank you to the entire team for your thorough, thoughtful, caring, and professional approach. I was very impressed that Dr. Thackeray called me personally to follow-up on how I was feeling after my first appointment. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

-Kay C

The staff are quite amazing

The staff are quite amazing, and most competent. Astra is a rather incredible young woman who cares about people and doing her job well. I found Dr. Royer very professional yet warm. I happened upon the clinic as a mistaken appointment yet am wonderfully hopeful the activator treatment plan and the Envive staff can help me move pain free again soon.

-Kelly C.

Great Experience

Yes it was a great experience. Jonathan explained each step to me and was great. Dr. Emily was fantastic and I believe Dianne was at the desk who went out of her way to explain the procedure and was very kind in helping me. I have not gone to a chiropractor in years because of being stressed by them adjusting me. The total experience was awesome from the moment I stepped into the office. I have already recommended you to my friends.

-Debra M.

Probably the best clinical experience

Super friendly staff and a very enjoyable experience all round. Probably the best clinical experience I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office. Thank you!

-Debbie T.

Feeling More Like Myself

Hi! My name is Brittany. I had suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I also had chronic neck pain for six years. I tried chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage and yoga but still had that general feeling like the anxiety and depression was holding me back from being fully myself. My husband and a friend of mine told me about Envive and said I should check them out to see if they could help.

Two to three weeks after starting treatment, I was noticing improvements like feeling straighter, taller and having less headaches. I began to sleep better-it used to take me 1-2 hours to get me to sleep but with treatments I was falling asleep in 15 minutes. I also began to feel so much more energy. My husband, noticed the difference in my energy levels too. Instead of feeling like I had to really push myself to get going, he almost has to hold me back!

I like the way that the treatments gives the patient the responsibility of taking health into their own hands-if I get the treatments, ice, rest adequately and let my body heal, I can feel better. I like that the staff is so friendly and that I am never left waiting for too long. I tell my friends and family and neighbours about Envive and while there are skeptics out there, I know that the energy difference that I feel is real. I am so happy to be feeling more like myself.

-Brittany G.

Family Atmosphere

Hi, my name is Britney! I had never been treated by a chiropractor before I began working at Envive. I had asthma that had limited my quality of life for ten years. My family doctor gave me so many medications and the only on that worked was the “emergency inhaler” which I was using daily. I hated it! I hated taking all the medications, but I couldn’t function without them.

When I went through the first assessment, the doctors told me that my body had a lot of processing to do. I started getting adjusted right away. In a couple of months, I noticed an improvement in my ability to breathe. By six months I was no longer using the emergency puffer except when doing vigorous exercise. I couldn’t even exercise before because I had such a difficult time breathing, and being physically active and healthy is important to me. I used to wake up in the middle of the night because I couldn’t breathe properly, but the adjustments helped me to sleep better. I also noticed that my nausea was improving! I also had a burning feeling in my right shoulder and the adjustments helped to clear up.

I love the environment here at Envive. It’s such a family atmosphere-warm, welcoming. It’s good to feel that you can talk to the doctors and they will listen deeply-it makes you feel that they really want to help you get better. They get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms with prescriptions. I have told my whole family! Many of them have been treated here and had their conditions improved. Most people think that chiropractic is all about the spine and the back, but I’m continually amazed to learn all the different things that chiropractic can help to heal. I am very proud that I get to be part of something that really helps people to have a better quality of life.

-Brittany L.

I Have Referred Many of My Family Members

Hi, my name is Bruce. I am an athlete who plays hockey and works out very hard. I’m currently training to be a competitive CrossFit athlete with a goal of qualifying for the Cross Fit Games. To support my ability to be active, in the past I had been adjusted manually but just didn’t feel like I was getting enough benefit from that particular technique. I found Dr. Thackeray’s office many years ago and immediately liked that she used the Activator Method for adjusting, and I wanted to see if that would make a difference.

I have chronic low back pain but I also have an assortment of other injuries, recurring and new, from sports. I felt incremental improvements after just a few visits. There are many times when I feel tight and sore from my intensive training program and often find that nothing makes it feel “right” the way that chiropractic does. Now, after my regular adjustments, my body has an immediate response and I typically feel better right away. I also notice that I sleep much better after getting adjusted. I regularly request adjustments on ‘non-spinal’ areas of my body (shoulders etc.) and find immediate relief.

The staff and doctors at Envive are amazing. I like how the office is constructed, the way the process of getting adjusted flows and the flexibility in making appointments. I also really appreciate that they understand me as a person and an athlete and work WITH me so I can continue training and competing, while giving me the treatment I need to recover. They never just say “stop doing what you’re doing and rest”. That’s huge for me!

I have referred many of my family members and friends to Envive. It works for me so I keep coming back when I need it. I feel lucky to have a place where the people care about me and I can get the help that I need.

-Bruce B.

Chiropractic Works

Hi! My name is Diane. I have been pro-chiropractic since a manual chiropractor helped my husband out of acute low back pain many years ago. When I began working at Envive, I saw so many people being treated for things I had no idea could be helped by chiropractic: migraines, attention span, even sleep. I wanted to see if the doctors could help my kids too!

Caydon had a very difficult time focusing with his schoolwork. He was getting low grades and had a hard time concentrating. Within the first week, I noticed how much easier it was for him to focus when doing his homework, even listening and compliance got better and seeing his tests coming back from school was absolute confirmation. He is now getting As in almost all of his classes.

Kai had problems with sleeping through the night. Halfway through the night he would always end up in our bed and we would all have a rough night’s sleep. After the doctors adjusted what I now call “the sleep button”, he slept through the whole night for the first time in weeks. When he goes through a growth spurt or has a difficult time sleeping again, I know exactly where to bring him.

I work here because I believe in what the doctors do and I have seen them help hundreds of people. I tell all my friends and family members about the ways chiropractic can help with so many of the symptoms that are being treated with pills or just suffered through simply because a lot of people don’t know– chiropractic works!

-Diane H.


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