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Additional Envive Chiropractic Reviews


Hi, I’m Carla! I first came to Envive because I suffered from terrible headaches almost daily since I was a teenager. After many medical tests, doctors and specialists couldn’t find any conclusive answers. The Tylenols that I took barely touched the pain. When my co-worker and friend told me I should come here, I was open to it because I felt that I had already tried everything else.

During my first assessment, the doctors discovered that the use of forceps during my birth had put things out of place and was likely the cause of my headaches. After the first two months of treatments, I noticed so much improvement in my ability to sleep, not to mention less headaches. By six months, I was having almost no headaches and even now I can count on my hands how many times I get one!

In September 2016, I was diagnosed with cancer. Instead of feeling defeated, I felt safe having Envive as part of my medical team. The adjustments helped me to maintain a good energy level and decreased both the physical and emotional side effects of the cancer treatments. I would have never gone through with the cancer treatment without them!

I believe in what they do here at Envive. The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere is welcoming and the knowledge of both doctors makes you confident that this is a place where people are helped. But you need to have the right mindset-you can’t give up. It wasn’t an overnight fix. It did take time to heal. Chiropractic works if you keep an open mind, follow through with the schedule of care, and allow your body the time to heal. I am so thankful to have found Envive!

-Carla C.

Chiropractic Can Make a Difference

Hi, my name is Luis. I have suffered from recurring back spasms over the last six years and usually a combination of Motrin and Voltarin will help the pain. When I had a back spasm this last time, it lasted for 3 weeks and I still was not getting the relief I needed. I knew it was time to do something more. I looked online for a local chiropractor and that’s when I found Envive.

I felt the pain already subsiding after the second treatment. It seemed like minimal force through the use of the Activator, but the results were great! I was getting a better range of motion and sleeping better. Now I can put up my pool, lift things around the house and I can enjoy playing with my kids without worrying about pain.

I appreciate the cleanliness of the Envive office and I enjoy chatting with the friendly staff. Making the appointments are easy, even with my busy schedule- I come in for my appointment, get the help I need and I’m off and on my way.

I have told my whole family about Envive and they have seen firsthand the difference chiropractic can make.

-Luis F.

Friendly and Welcoming

Hi! My name is Mary. I was first introduced to Envive Chiropractic after I had broken my ankle. I was in a cast for over two months and when the cast came off, I did physiotherapy and massage but I could still feel there was something off-I wasn’t walking right quite right. My massage therapist suggested I see a chiropractor and when a friend of mine told me about the great chiropractor he goes to, I figured I would come to Envive.

I felt the difference almost immediately. My knee and ankle were more aligned and I felt like I could just walk better than before. Even though my broken ankle had slowed me down, I never stopped doing the things I wanted to do, but the adjustments made it easier to continue my level of activity. Now the team at Envive supports me in remaining active. Whenever I feel stiffness from playing tennis, curling or golf, I know where I can come to feel better.

The staff and doctors here are so friendly and welcoming. I like that I never have to wait too long to get adjusted-I can get in and out and back to doing all the things that I want to do.

-Mary S.

The Staff is Great

Hi, my name is Judi. I suffered from constant back pain for a year and a half that was aggravated by a car accident and a ton of ongoing work stress. When I first noticed it, I couldn’t even get out of bed but I would force myself through each day even though it was painful to walk and do anything. I even started to work from home.

I was referred to Envive by another Chiropractor and I’m so glad that I started to come here! Within two months, I noticed I was gradually getting better. I was having an easier time walking and I could pick up the grandkids without as much pain. I was able to do NORMAL activities again! As an added bonus, the doctors were able to help my sinuses which had been a constant source of pain previously and was something I had no idea they could help me with.

I feel comfortable at Envive. It’s welcoming, personal and the staff is great. My friends and family have noticed that I can move faster now and that I’m not in as much pain. I have told people and will continue to tell people about how much chiropractic care has helped me!

-Judi G.

Confidence in Dr. Thackeray

Hi, my name is Carol. I had worked for many years sitting at a computer for 8 hours, and travelled for an additional 3 hours to and from work. This put a lot of structural strain on my neck and shoulders, causing a very painful condition. I had tried Physiotherapy, massage and other chiropractors before, and while they all helped to relieve the symptoms, I never felt completely well. Dr. Thackeray and her clinic was recommended to me by an acquaintance who said she had been very helpful with his pain management and restoring daily activities.

After the first week of adjustments, the burning pain in my neck stopped. My shoulders and upper back pain was improving after a couple of weeks, but the adjustments would only hold for a few days. After several months of treatments though, I only require treatments every 2-3 weeks to maintain my progress. I feel that I have more energy, stamina and an overall sense of wellness.
We are always greeted with happy and energetic staff that are extremely caring and knowledgeable. The staff at Envive Chiropractic are very accommodating when scheduling appointments or making us aware of changes to the office hours. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Thackeray and all the other doctors who have trained with her.

-Carol Y.

Caring and Compassionate

Hi, my name is Calvin. I met Dr. Thackeray several years ago when she began treating my wife. Over the years, I had been impressed by her medical knowledge and ability to resolve my wife’s issues. I suffered with periodic numbness around my left ear and temple and a feeling of “fogginess” and intermittent sciatic pain on my right side. My GP had me undergo an EEG and bloodwork, but it did not provide any answers. After several years of dealing with these issues, my naturopathic doctor recommended that I begin chiropractic treatment as well.

After the first week of Chiropractic treatment, I noticed improvement to my sciatic pain and ear/temple numbness. Within two months, I noticed an improvement in my “foggy” head condition. Dr. Thackeray was the first professional to understand and acknowledge my “foggy” head feeling, and to provide me with an explanation as to WHY I was experiencing the feeling. I appreciated her truly caring and compassionate approach.

I feel that I have more energy, stamina and confidence resulting from my chiropractic care. My friends and family have noticed my increased energy level. I frequently share my positive chiropractic experience because Envive Chiropractic is the only place I would direct someone. I respect and trust the doctors and the staff members are knowledgeable, friendly, caring and confident people. I live over an hour away from Ajax, but I will make the drive every time because there is only one Chiropractic office that I have confidence in-Envive Chiropractic.

-Calvin Y.

I Have Never Felt So Good!

Hi! My name is Shane. I have ongoing low back issues and have been to a chiropractor before for low back pain, neck pain and headaches, but I wasn’t under consistent care. One day I was lifting a kettle bell and could feel my back go out right away. I could barely walk! The whole weekend I couldn’t do anything, and then my spouse told me about her chiropractor. So, after four days of pain, I had enough and went to Envive.

I felt the relief almost immediately– it only took a couple of days of being adjusted to know that this was really working for me. I continued having treatments and not only did I find that my low back pain wasn’t an issue, but I also notice I had a lot less headaches and I feel a lot less neck pain. I weight train, do yoga, go for walks and whenever I get tight muscles, I know that I have a place where I can come to where I always feel better.

Envive has a great atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and caring. The quality of care that I receive is second to none. I have said it on more than one occasion to my spouse as we drive away from the building– I have never felt so good!

-Shane R.

“If you need a chiropractor, this is where you go!”

Hi, my name is Fernanda. I suffered from severe neck and shoulder pain and debilitating vertigo on and off for ten years. It was not uncommon for me to take 8 Advil a day to dull the pain. The doctors couldn’t find anything that could help me. After x-rays, a CT scan and MRI and numerous other tests, the doctor said to me it was “all in my head.” I would dread having to pull myself together to do a full day of work and work used to be such a source of joy for me. A few customers over the years had mentioned I should try coming to Envive Chiropractic. One day I decided I was willing to try anything.

In one week of treatments, I already began feeling a difference in the pain and tension that had been plaguing me for years. In about three weeks I felt like a new woman! I am so much happier now that I can go for walks and enjoy my work again. My kids are so happy because they can see that I have regained my vitality.

I tell everyone I know-“If you need a chiropractor, this is where you go!” The doctors are my angels who gave me my life back. It’s like a miracle. It really is a miracle!

-Fernanda G.

Headaches Are Gone

My name is Leda. I began coming to Thackeray Chiropractic because I was having severe headaches and low back pain for several years. I noticed a great improvement after six months of treatment. My headaches are gone; my immune system is very good and I have lots of energy. The atmosphere is great; it’s easy to schedule appointments and the dedication shown from the doctor has been wonderful. I told my family about the positive experience I had and now the whole family comes here.

-Leda G.

Chiropractic Works

Hi! My name is Donna. Last year I had a fall at the cottage getting out of a boat where I landed on my hip. The sciatic pain I began to experience was absolutely terrible! I went to see a medical doctor where I was given pain medication but it wasn’t strong enough to make the pain go away and it certainly wasn’t fixing anything. I had difficulty sleeping because the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t bend over to pick things up, I was unsure of myself when going up and down stairs… I started to lose confidence because I knew I could lose my balance at any time. I tried acupuncture and three different kinds of medications to calm the nerve endings and nothing helped.

My son sees an activator chiropractor in Toronto and told me I should see someone who practices in Ajax. I found Envive and started treatments right away. The staff was kind and the atmosphere was very warm. At first, they had to adjust me sitting up and then standing against the wall because it was too painful to lie down. After a few weeks of treatments, I was laying down for the adjustments, the pain was dissipating and I was able to move so much better! And I was able to bend over and pick up my own things again-which believe me, is a big deal for a very independent woman! My family had been very worried about me and they were so relieved when I was out of pain because “Mom does NOT get sick!”

I have referred several people to Envive Chiropractic because I know how much the treatments have helped me. I believe that people are their own worst enemies when it comes to their health; but I am a testament to the fact that chiropractic works and I am hopeful that more people will give chiropractic care a chance.

-Donna D.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Hello, my name is Frans. I first came to know about chiropractic because of my sciatic nerve pain. I was having a lot of pain for 3-6 months and I just kept working through it. I couldn’t even sit in the truck without pain-I had to keep readjusting my position. My Chiropractor out in Cambridge told me about Envive and when I came in for my first treatment and was greeted with a warm smile, I knew I was home!

I felt relief after my very first adjustment! I noticed a lot less pain right away. With the support of the chiropractic treatments, I have been able to get back to my normal activities which consist of any and everything that is often physically demanding. As an added bonus, I just find myself feeling more sure and secure in my body.

What I like most about Envive are the doctors and the support staff. Everyone is kind and they are sincere in their concern for my health and well-being.

-Frans N.

Huge Change

My name is Sheri. My son Luke was struggling with constipation since the age of four months. We had tried all sorts of things recommended by doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists. After four weeks of adjustments we noticed a huge change. He often needed Tylenol for growing pains which have disappeared since beginning treatment. When I tell family and friends about seeing the Chiropractor for his bowels they are baffled. He likes coming to Thackeray Chiropractic to see Sharon, Kim and the “super nice doctors”. I have referred many friends, family members, and co-workers.

-Sherri/Luke P.


My name is Sheri. My two year old son Cody was kicked in the head while walking past a swing set. That weekend we noticed his foot was turned in and he couldn’t walk straight. We took him to the family doctor and were told he was fine but he continued to fall over. I had a fabulous healing experience with Thackeray Chiropractic several months earlier. After two treatments Cody was walking straight! Our family was amazed at how quickly he was able to walk and run without difficulty. His Grandma comes now and gives Thackeray Chiropractic cards out to everyone, including strangers!

-Sherri/Cody P.

Huge Improvement In Back and Leg Pain

Hi. My name is Trisha. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy in July of 2014 and I began having some post pregnancy pains in my upper and lower back and sciatic pain in my legs. After 3-4 months of living with the pain, my cousin told me she knew a wonderful chiropractor who could help me. So I decided to try out Envive Chiropractic.

Within two months of beginning the chiropractic treatments, I was noticing a huge improvement in my back and leg pain. My energy level was much higher and because I was feeling more energized, I was able to work out and gain a lot more strength. I felt even better than I did before I got pregnant! And when breastfeeding was becoming a challenge, the adjustments even helped with boosting my milk supply. Now I can enjoy walking, working out and I am able to lift my son without pain!

I love the atmosphere at Envive. It is calming and homelike and the adjustments have helped immensely. My family and friends have noticed how much faster I move now that I’m in much less pain. Even my mom tells people about Envive because she has seen how I have benefited from coming here. I have never had a bad experience at Envive-they love and care for me like I am part of the family!

-Trisha M.

Sleeping Through The Night

Hi, my name is Lindsey and this is my son, Ty.
He wanted to be born at 30 weeks but thankfully I was able to carry him through to term. He was born elbow first with his whole right arm over his head as if he was trying to push his way out! I was a patient at Envive myself for about a month and when I was explaining the story about Ty’s birth and sleeping issues, I was told that the chiropractors could help. I had him go through his first assessment that same day.

Since being adjusted, Ty has not only been sleeping better throughout the night, he is now even taking regular naps which never happened before! I also noticed after the first few weeks of treatments that he was talking more and potty training was much easier. I told my friends and family about the benefits we were both receiving from the chiropractic adjustments and though many are skeptical, we are proof that it works. I love coming to Envive because everyone is kind and friendly, the doctors are knowledgeable and I don’t feel judged here- it’s like visiting friends.

-Lindsey/Ty D.


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